What is Iai? What is Mugai-ryu?

What is Iai?

Iai is a Japanese Samurai martial art. It is the art of drawing the sword unannounced.

What is Mugai-Ryu?

About the founder Tsuji Gettan

Tsuji Gettan, the person who created the Mugai Ryu

Tsuji Gettan is the founder of Mugai Ryu, he created Mugai Ryu more than 340 years ago.

He studied swords in Kyoto. After that he went to Edo, now Tokyo, to study Zen, and created Mugai Ryu.

During its 340 year history, Mugai Ryu was learned by many samurai during the ancestral era.

The end of the Samurai era, Hajime Saito, the captain of the Shinsengumi’s third division, is famous for using Mugai ryu.

Recent years

From the left, Master Hosho Shiokawa, Zen Master Sogen Omori, Master Shiryu Nakagawa

After the end of World War II, 11th Soke、Master Shiryu Nakagawa tried to leave the Mugai Ryu.
15th Soke,Master. Hosho Shiokawa, who learned from Master Nakagawa, and his disciple, Master Gyokuso Niina, became the Soke.

On both sides of Master Shiokawa’s deceased, there are signs of “Mugai-Ryu Iaido, Soke, Gyokuso Niina”.

Soke inherited to the present age Niina Gyokusou

And now, Hogyokukai

International Iaido Organization Hogyokukai President Hogyoku Takeda was awarded a scrolls, Japanese historical contracts, with a long history as a direct disciple of the Niina Soke.

Master Hogyoku Takeda received the Scottish OSS Medal in 2020. An Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came to award the OSS..

In recognition of his work, he received the Scottish OSS Medal in 2020, officially recognized by the British Government. Sean Connery, an actor who died in the same year, has also been awarded the award.

Hogyokukai is Japan’s largest single national organization of traditional Iai.