This is the website of the International Iaido Organzation Hogyokukai. At the Headquarters Dojo in Asakusa Kuramae, Tokyo, you can receive guidance in English. You can also get guidance online, anywhere in the world. We welcome all interested people as members!

The International Iaido Federation Hogyokukai is available two-ways “ONLINE! Live” and “Real Dojo”.

It is a national organization of Mugai Ryu Iaido

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What is Iai? What is Mugai-ryu?

Iai is a Japanese Samurai martial art. It is the art of drawing the sword unannounced. Hougyokukai is the largest organization in Japan that legitimately teaches Mugai Ryu. Mugai Ryu has a 340 year history and is famous for the Shinsengumi.

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About Hogyokukai

Master Hogyoku Takeda who is president of International Iaido Organization Hogyokukai.
In 2020, he was awarded General OSS Taisho of the Order of the Scottish Samurai (OSS) and the Scottish Samurai awards, which is officially recognized by the British government and is a Scottish medal.

The permanent headquarters dojo is located in Asakusa, a famous area in Tokyo!

There are daily lessons at the headquarters dojo in front of Asakusa Kuramae, so there will always be a convenient day!

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4-20-10-3F Kurame, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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