Hogyokukai officers

International Iaido Organization

Hogyokukai officers


Master Hogyoku Takeda

President of International Iaido Organization Hogyokukai.
Mugai Shinden Mugai Ryu Iaido hyodo Kyoushi 7th Dan license.

Master Takeda received a scroll with a 340-year tradition from the current Soke.

Appeared in Toshiba FlashAir Memory CM.
Supervised Iaido of Toei Video “Stage version, Police Department Swords Division”.

With NBC caster Mary Carilo

Selected by United States Network Television NBC for a film previewing Japan for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Iaido Instructor for the Tokyo American Club.

In 2019 Dedication Iaido Demonstration at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto,, through the introduction of Gion Ittotei Ichirikitei, the most famous restaurant in Japan.

Featured in the Spiritual Kansai Video Series.

With Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Matsunaga of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In 2020, he was awarded General OSS Taisho of the Order of the Scottish Samurai (OSS) and the Scottish Samurai awards, which is officially recognized by the British government and is a Scottish medal.

Director of International Committee
Director of Yamanashi Prefecture

Will Reed

Aikido 8th-dan, Shodo 10th-dan, Nanba Jutsu Tokubetsu Shihan. Vice Chairman of Japan Calligraphy Education Association. Director of International Committee for International Iaido Organization Hogyokukai, Director of Yamanashi Prefecture Hogyokukai. Professor of Aikido, Nanba, Calligraphy, and Samurai Culture at International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA), and Supervisor of iCLA Hogyokukai Circle. Performed Calligraphy for the Hogyokukai National Competition in January 2020 at Butokuden, Heian Shrine Kyoto. Dedicated Calligraphy scroll and painting to the Hogyokukai Headquarters Dojo in Asakusa Kuramae, Tokyo. Appeared with Takeda Hogyoku in Interview article and video for Gekkan Hiden Magazine and DVD.

Instructor in charge of English Class

Carpenter Jason

Originally from the United States,

Jason had visited Japan for the first time in 2000 and fell in love with the people, culture and food of the country. Visiting every year until he moved to Tokyo in 2016. Jason studies multiple ancient languages and Japanese History.

He started learning Iaido because since he was little, he dreamed of understanding the way of the Katana deeply. His goal is to spend the rest of his life learning to perfect the art. He is also active in many sports including mountaineering, ultrarunning, freediving and scuba diving. He has trips planned to K2(second highest mountain in the world), solo trip to the south pole, and to sail around the world.